Tim Metz, CPA, Phoenix, AZ

Tim Metz, CPA

TjM CPA Inc. is a growth-oriented accounting firm; our goal has always been to provide our clients with a extraordinary level of quality service.

Our mission at TjM CPA is to help our clients succeed, while honoring our obligation to the public, all within the framework of the standards of our profession. We value our clients, our people, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.

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Bob Deken

Bob Deken is now a Partner with TjM CPA Inc.  Bob has been a practicing CPA in Ohio from 1993 to 2005 when he relocated to Arizona.  The client base included 400 tax returns,  monthly and annual clients including a State Highway contractor, home & remodeling contractors, retail pharmacy, restaurants, service stations, physicians, chiropractors, and manufacturing.  He has also served as regional controller for a national firm.

Bob will work with clients in preparing all forms of tax returns, 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120S and will also work with the monthly and quarterly client base.  He is a member of ASPA, NSA and is a Registered Tax Preparer with Internal Revenue Service.

He can be contacted by phone at 480-688-2237 and e-mail Bob@tjmact.com