TJM Accounting & Tax Services, LLC Specializes in Serving the Financial, Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Needs of Small Businesses.

“Without sound financial management, any business, regardless of its size, won’t be around for long.”-Don Sadler

Our mission is to help small business owners build a successful company by providing financial solutions and leadership. We accomplish this by minimizing our clients’ annual taxes and helping them understand what their financial statements reveal. We view every client as a partner and truly believe that our success is a result of their success.

We will assist you in finding the management solutions you need. Our extensive knowledge of financial concepts, tax law and accounting software will be valuable to you in the following areas:

  • Selecting a general ledger system
  • Designing an internal control structure
  • Determining accounting skills of employees and applicants
  • Establishing a cost accounting system
  • Evaluating new business opportunities
  • Minimizing your business and personal taxes

Our firm acts as a steady and focused team player.
We are committed to professionalism and integrity.

As Part of Your Team…

We will effectively identify and solve your accounting challenges.

Our goals are:

  • Establish an effective, interactive working relationship
  • Ensure that your accounting and reporting systems are in compliance with GAAP and government regulations
  • Ensure that your financial statements reflect the true financial picture of your business

We specialize in these industries:

Service | Construction | Property Management | Retail and Wholesale
Temporary Help | Real Estate | Multi-Level Marketing | Light Manufacturing

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